Whitehall Perpetual Calendar Sundial

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Whitehall Perpetual Calender Sundial
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A delightful accent to your garden. For centuries, sundials have been used to mark the passage of time while reminding us of the rhythms of our universe. While modern day time pieces have long replaced the practical usefulness of the sundial, there is a sense of earthen nostalgia that makes sundials a charming garden accent. Each Whitehall sundial is crafted from heavy-duty, rust-free recycled aluminum and carefully finished with weather-resistant paints to withstand any climate.

The sundial measures 12 inches in diameter and may be placed on any flat surface or mounted upon the Roman Sundial Pedestal (sold separately).

Sundial inscription: "I count only but golden hours."

The sundial is available the copper verdi finish as shown.

Please allow about seven days for delivery.