Swissmar 11-Piece Sierra Fondue Set



Swissmar Sierra Fondue Set Orange

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This Swissmar 11-Piece Sierra Fondue Set can be used for both cheese and meat fondues thanks to the enameled heavy cast iron pot and removable stainless steel spatter ring. The heavy cast iron pot provides excellent heat distribution and can be used on all heat sources, including induction. Sierra is ideal for meat fondue, as a meat fondue is usually cooked and served from a metal pot because of the higher cooking temperature. This cast iron fondue pots provide steady and even heat distribution thanks to its heavy construction. The removable rings prevent splatter and help hold the fondue forks in position. Meat fondue is easy to prepare, cook, and serve. Cubed or sliced pieces of pork and beef are cooked in the hot oil (the Fondue Bourguignonne) or in a beef broth (the Fondue Chinoise). The fondue pot is heated on the rechaud (metal base with fuel burner) at the table. It does not take long to cook the meat, which is then removed from the pot, still on the fork, and dipped into one of several flavorful sauces prepared for the meal. After finishing the meat, the delicious broth from a Fondue Chinoise can be served to your guests. The metal Fondue pot also can be used for vegetables and tempura dishes. A fondue meal is a social event, a great way to entertain family and friends.

A leader in European housewares, Swissmar has focused on providing gourmet kitchens the finest raclette party grills, fondue sets, and accessories since 1983. All Swissmar products are crafted from the finest materials and designed to continue the Swiss cooking tradition.

  • Included in the set with the pot and spatter ring are 6 fondue forks with wood handles, cast iron rechaud stand, stainless steel burner, and wood table tray.
  • Available in: cherry, deep blue, orange, deep green and white