Sambonet Contour Milk Pot



Sambonet Contour Milk Pot 21.5 oz

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Specially designed for easy pouring, the 53006-06-grouped is constructed of thick premium quality 18% nickel silver. This piece is ideal for those who value quality, detail, and durability.

World renowned for their exquisite silver-played steel manufacturing technique, Sambonet is found in world-class hotels and restaurants internationally. Their stainless steel flatware, knives, and blades are found internationally in world-class hotels and restaurants. Since 1856, the Italian brand has pioneered the production of fine sterling silver and galvanic silverware.

  • Available in 11 oz., 21.5 oz. capacities
  • Constructed from 18% nickel silver
  • Spouts are specially designed for easy pouring
  • Handles, knobs, hinges, and bases are welded by hand with silver alloy brazing
  • Used in 5-star hotels and restaurants
  • Made in Italy