Reliable Steamboy Steam Cleaning Floor Mop

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Reliable Steamboy Steam Floor Mop
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The Reliable Steamboy Steam Cleaning Floor Mop combines the chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing features of the steam cleaner with the everyday functionality of the mop. Its superheated steam dissolves dirt and grime immediately, sanitizing the surface, while its cloth pad wipes it all away. Use Steamboy for cleaning and sanitizing all kinds of floors including tile, ceramic, hardwood (sealed), marble, and slate.

Since 1955, Reliable has been an industry leader in sewing and fabric care products. Reliable is known for their consistent high-quality, durability and innovative product designs.

  • Steam starts immediately, no delay
  • Continuous steam supply of 30 minutes
  • Head swivels 180 to get into tight spaces and under furniture
  • Cleaning path 11" wide
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in Italy