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Jura Impressa C9
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Superautomatic Coffee Machine

The Jura IMPRESSA C9 One Touch is the most compact One Touch superautomatic coffee machine today. With the ultimate in user-friendly technology, the C9 One Touch creates a cappuccino, cafe mocha, or caffe latte at the touch of one button without moving the cup. The insulated 14oz thermal stainless steel milk container (included) keeps cold milk cold for up to eight hours, so you can leave the milk right next to the machine. No more running back and forth to the refrigerator. Just push one button and watch how the Impressa C9 One Touch steams and froths your milk, then grinds, tamps and brews the best in high-pressure-brewed crema coffee or espresso and adds it automatically into your cappuccino cup.


Fully programmable for all coffee, frothing and hot water functions, the Impressa C9 One Touch lets you set temperature, volume and strength for each button. Make one or two cups at a time, from one to a full 16 ounces. The Rotary Dial lets you override the strength and cup size during brewing without changing the programmed setting. Professional quality features ensure brewed perfection time and again, including a commercial-grade conical burr grinder, automatic cleaning cycles, bright LED display and the unique CLEARYL water filtration system to purify water and eliminate the need for decalcification. The easy to read LED display shows if you brew mild, regular or strong coffee and displays the cup size while the machine is brewing. It will also remind you when water or coffee beans need to be refilled. A separate funnel accommodates ground coffee for decaf or other varieties and it can also dispense hot water for cafe Americano, Tea or just to pre-warm your cups.

Your Impressa C9 One Touch is safe to leave on all day for coffee beverages on demand. The compact size allows you to place it under standard (16 " clearance) wall cabinets. All coffee and milk functions are located on the front. With a sleek piano black finish and eye-catching polished chrome accents the C9 One Touch is like having a coffee bar right in your own kitchen.

  • One Touch Cappuccino, froths and steams milk, grinds, tamps and brews the coffee for a perfect cappuccino or latte right into your cup, just with one touch of a button without moving the cup.
  • 14 oz. stainless steel vacuum thermal container keeps cold milk cold for up to 8 hours.
  • Two step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions the ground coffee. Maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping.
  • The IMPRESSA C9 One Touch grinds from 5 to a maximum of 16 grams of coffee from mild to extra strong.
  • Choose from two temperature settings and three strength levels.
  • Preprogrammed beverage buttons for Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino/Latte, Milk Portion and Hot Water Portion:
  • 1 espresso, 2 espresso, 1 coffee, 2 coffees, 1 cappuccino, 1 latte, 1 latte macchiato, hot milk all at the touch of a button and never move the cup!
  • All beverages can be changed during brewing or re-programmed to your specific taste.
  • 64 oz. removable water container. Good for 40 espressos at a time.
  • Integrated professional solid steel conical burr grinder for consistent and aroma saving grinding. Six settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all kinds of beans - from light to dark roasts.
  • 8 oz. bean container. Grind up to 30 portions of coffee before refilling.
  • CLEARYL Water Care System. Removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all calcium and eliminates decalcifying altogether.
  • Electronic CLEARYL cartridge change indicator makes sure that you always have the best water possible.
  • Separate funnel for pre-ground coffee. Use for decaf or flavored coffees. The moment you lift the lid of the funnel, the C9 One Touch knows that you want to use pre-ground coffee. It actually asks you via the display to add ground coffee.
  • 18-bar power pump with 1450 watt stainless steel lined ThermoBlock heating system. Fast continuous operation for use at home or in the office.

FREE SHIPPNG! No charge for shipping your Jura Impressa C9 One Touch superautomatic coffee machine. Please allow about seven days for delivery.

FREE CAFE BEL ETAGE We also will send you at no additional charge one carton (6 bags x 250g) of our cafe Bel Etage, roasted and packed in Switzerland and ideal for superautomatic coffee machines.