F. Dick Whetstone Sharpener

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Maintain the integrity of your blade edges with the F. Dick Whetstone Sharpener. A premium dual-sided whetstone to make your cutlery last its longest by sharpening and honing edges to a sleek, smooth edge. There are two grit options available of 300 and 1000 grit.

Professional, premium quality cutlery, tools, and accessories from Friederich Dick of Germany have been the chef's choice since 1778. F.Dick cutlery is used by leading culinary schools and national cooking teams worldwide. The German cutlery manufacturer hand forges its knives from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, resulting in the finest knives that satisfy the ergonomic standards of professionals.

  • Two Sided
  • 300 Grit and 1000 Grit
  • To use, place stone on flat surface and run blade at 22 angle across stone on coarse (300 grit) side about 7 to 10 times
  • Then turn stone over to fine 1000 grit side, and repeat
  • Made in Germany
  • Item 71360000