F. Dick Square Knife Sharpener

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Made in Germany, the F. Dick Square Knife Sharpener is the ultimate sharpening tool. This stainless steel sharpening blade features a unique hygienic plastic handle ideal for restaurant use. The 12 inch oval steel with sapphire cut is complete with a hanging loop for easy storage.

Favorited among fine culinary schools, restaurants, and butcher shops, Friedrich Dick of Germany is a leader in the high-end cutlery industry. All of F. Dick's fine cutlery is hand forged from high-carbon stainless steel, resulting in a quality knife that maintains it's edge longer than others. All of our F. Dick cutlery features an ergonomic design and meets the hygienic standards of commercial kitchens.

  • 10" square knife sharpening steel
  • 2 sides regular cut, 2 sides fine cut
  • Polished brass handle and hanging ring
  • Wear-resistant sharpening rod
  • Made in Germany
  • Item 70072250