F.Dick MasterGrip Boning Knife - 5.75 inch Curved Stiff

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MasterGrip Boning Knife
5.75" Curved Stiff Blade
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Derived from F Dick's popular ErgoGrip cutlery line, the MasterGrip boning knife series is specially designed for industrial boning teams and is widely used throughout Europe. Features include:

  • Polished, durable stainless steel blade with laser-tested cutting edge
  • Seamless connection of blade and handle
  • Extra-wide thumb rest for control, comfort, and safety
  • Well defined finger guard for safety
  • Non-slip plastic handle, no abrasion, in orange safety color
  • NSF listing for commercial use
  • Made in Germany

A large assortment of specialized styles and sizes is available. Please allow about seven days for delivery of your F Dick MasterGrip boning knife.

MasterGrip Boning Knife
5.75" Curved Stiff Blade