F.Dick 1893 Carving Knife

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F Dick 1893 Carving Knife
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Designed for chefs and culinary experts, this award-winning cutlery collection combines aesthetics, strength, and functionality at their very best. Produced from 33 layers of different stainless steels by hammer forging and folding, each blade delivers incredible hardness while retaining flexibility. The bolster and end-piece use Damascus steel, which is absolutely unique. The iridescent shine on the blade's patterned grain surface is a result of this steelmaking technique and is unique for each blade. Laser-engraved labeling on the blade appears almost as a watermark and complements the aesthetics of the knife. The blade is hand sharpened and will retain its edge for long periods of use. Last but not least, the 1893 knife series also features a soft-touch, secure-grip poly handle that meets highest hygiene standards. Each knife is packaged in an attractive tin box, shown above.

Large View of 1893 Damascus Steel Blade

1893 Carving Knife

The thin, sharp blade easily cuts meats into perfect, thin slices.

  • 8.25" (21cm) blade

Please allow about seven days for delivery of your F Dick 1893 knife.