Demeyere Boiling Pot

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Demeyere Apollo Boiling Pot w/Lid
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  • Twice as wide as deep for boiling large items or cooking shellfish
  • 5-ply rim-to-rim construction 5.5mm thick with exterior Silvinox finish
  • Side and locking loop handles
  • 10.6 quart
  • Diameter 11.8"
  • Height 9.4"
  • Also known as the "Maslin Pan"

Our boiling or preserves pot has been specially tapered to accommodate a rolling boil. The pot is twice as wide as it is deep with thick stainless steel walls. It can be used to prepare fruits for pastries and for cooking shellfish. The extra wide body and large capacity makes it ideal for boiling whole ears of corn. To help lifting and pouring the pot has a side handle and loop handle that locks into place. The all-purpose pot comes with a matching stainless steel lid. Featuring 5-ply, thick stainless steel body in Silvinox finish. Welded stainless steel stay cool handle and locking loop handle.

Please allow about three weeks for delivery of your boiling pot.