Claber Spiral Hose Kit

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Claber Spiral Water Hose Kit
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Thanks to the quality of materials and the coil memory, this hose always will remain flexible and return to its original coiled shape following use even after years of service. The hose self stores quickly and easily after use making it ideal for tight spaces that require watering or rinsing frequently such as balconies, terraces, decks, small gardens, RV's, boats, garages, workshops, etc. The spiral hose ends are complete with Claber quick-click connectors for instant connects and disconnects.10-meter (33-ft) ÂẄ-inch spiral hose

  • Standard threaded water tap connector
  • Utility water tap connector for inside faucets
  • Wall-mounting bracket for hanging hose
  • Spray pistol
  • Aerator accessory
  • Made in Italy

Please allow about seven days for delivery of the Claber Spiral Hose Kit.