Claber Rotoroll Hose Reel

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Claber Rotoroll Automatic Hose Reel (20m hose)
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Hose Reel w/Automatic Rewind

Unique in design and operation, the Claber Rotoroll is equipped with an automatic winding mechanism and a special non-kinking 1/2-inch water hose that rewinds with absolute ease every time without jamming or breaking! To operate, simply pull the hose out to the desired length, give a small tug to lock into place, and when finished, give another small tug to unlock and follow the hose as it reels automatically. No more kinked and tangles hoses while getting wet and dirty winding a traditional reel. Equipped with the Claber quick-click hose end, the hose instantly connects and disconnects from Claber spray pistols or sprinklers.

The heart of the Rotoroll rewind mechanism is based on a SoftBlock system similar to that of an inertia reel seat belt used in a motor vehicle. If the hose is dropped by accident or recoils too quickly, the SoftBlock mechanism will lock automatically until a gentle tug releases it again. The SoftBlock system is an exclusive feature of the Rotoroll automatic hose reel.

The Rotoroll is designed for years of service in your home or garden. The outer casing is molded in glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic that is guaranteed to be shockproof, weather resistant, and UV stable. Made in Italy.

The Rotoroll is available in 20-meter (66 ft.) hose reel length. Included with the Rotoroll and water hose are the reel leader hose with quick-click connector and threaded faucet connector. Also included is a rustproof aluminum wall bracket that swivels through 180 allowing the reel to stay straight from any angle and fold out of the way when not in use.

Please allow about seven days for delivery.