Claber Quick Click Hose Sprinkler Connector Set

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Claber Quick-Click Hose-Sprinkler Connector Set
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  • #8983
  • Converts male-threaded hose end to any sprinkler or spray nozzle to Quick-Click system
  • Set includes (1) Hose End Connector and (1) Accessory Connector
  • "Waterstop" feature stops flow of water from hose when sprinkler or nozzle is removed

Our popular Quick Click connectors save time and effort by replacing the role of hard-to-turn, threaded connectors on hose ends, faucets, and water accessories. Constructed from shock-proof ABS plastic, our Quick Click connectors are weather- and UV-resistant and can handle high water pressures up to 40 bar (580 PSI). Quick Click connectors are backed by a two-year warranty, while the patented internal spring is designed to handle up to 1.5 million "clicks" without breaking to ensure durability. Quick Click connectors are designed for standard 5/8" garden hose and also are compatible with other snap-fit connector brands thanks to international standard sizing. Made in Italy.


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