Claber Comfort Multi-Jet Pistol

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Claber Multi-Jet Pistol
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Extra Sturdy Construction

The new Claber line of Comfort pistols offers exceptional ergonomic design and performance. Each garden water pistol features a soft rubber coating for a comfortable and secure grip, even with wet hands. A convenient front on-off flow trigger works at the touch of a finger, while the spray is adjustable with the free hand. Each pistol features extra sturdy construction with a rubber and ABS body that is UV stabilized and weatherproof.

Included with each Comfort Multi-Jet Water Pistol is a Claber waterstop hose-end connector that converts a threaded garden hose end to a convenient click-on, click-off fit.

  • Ergonomic design with extra sturdy construction
  • Protective rubber coating on nozzle and grip
  • On-off trigger
  • Four flow settings: concentrated stream, shower, fan spray, and mist
  • Easy to open for cleaning
  • Includes quick-click waterstop hose-end connector

Please allow about seven days for delivery of your spray pistol.