Claber 4-Way Water Distributor

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Claber 4-Way Water Distributor
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Turns One Faucet Into Four Outlets!

The 4-Way Water Distributor converts one outdoor faucet into four independent outlets, each with a separate oversized, easy-to-turn control knob. It is ideal for multiple hose attachments, drip irrigation systems, and watering timers.

The 4-Way Water Distributor features two independent outlets fitted with the "Quick-Click" Coupling System and two with 3/4-inch thread. Constructed of unbreakable UV-stabilized ABS plastic and tubular aluminum, it operates with hot water up 160 degrees Fahrenheit or cold water. Included with the distributor are two 3/4-inch faucet connectors and four "Quick-Click" hose connectors.

One-year limited warranty from Claber. Please allow about seven days for delivery. If you order more than one piece, we will adjust shipping when we process the order.