Chroma Type 301 - 800 Whetstone P11 Knife Sharpener

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Chroma Type 301 P21 Santuko w/Kullen (178mm)
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Utilize the high-quality Chroma Type 301 - 800 Whetstone P11 Knife Sharpener to achieve and maintain sharp blade edges. This medium grit sharpening stone features a rubber base for stability. For best sharpening results, use a medium grain rain stone such as this for regular knife maintenance. Type 301 series blades are the product of a collaboration between F.A. Porsche and Austrian chef Jorg Worther. The series is distinguished by the ergonomic, hygienic handle and metal pear that marks the end of the handle. All knives are carefully sharpened for the traditional Japanese V-shape.

Chroma knives are manufactured in Japan and crafted with precision from the finest and strongest modern high-grade steel. All knives are designed with ergonomic qualities to comfortably give the chef complete cutting and chopping control.

  • P11 Stone 800 grit
  • Ergonomic handle with triangular shape fits perfectly in the hand
  • Handle constructed from 18/10 stainless steel
  • Japanese 301 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Recommended to sharpen this cutlery with a whetstone
  • Each piece ships in attractive gift box with inside foam cutout