Chef's Choice Scissor Pro Sharpener

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Chef's Choice ScissorsPro Scissors Sharpener
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The Chef's Choice Scissor Pro Sharpener is the tool you need for super sharp scissors all the time. The ScissorPro uses 100% diamond abrasives and built-in precision angle guides for professional quality edges quickly and easily. Sharpens a wide variety of household scissors from delicate embroidery scissors to knife-edge shears, even poultry shears.

Chef's Choice is committed to providing reliable, high-quality products for cooking enthusiasts, food-service professionals and gourmet chefs. With an ever-increasing line of products, Chef's Choice always features the newest, most innovative kitchen equipment technology.

  • Item number: 500
  • For household, sewing, kitchen, and crafts scissors
  • No disassembly of scissors required
  • Safe for quality scissors (never de-tempers)
  • 2-stage sharpening with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Assembled in USA