Boardman Pewter Paul Revere Bowl



Boardman Pewter Authentic Reproduction Paul Revere Bowl

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by Boardman Silversmiths

In the year 1768, the Massachusetts General Assembly voted 92 to 17 to disobey the King's order and not rescind a letter protesting taxation without representation that was produced by the assembly and circulated among the colonies. To celebrate and honor this historic vote, silversmith Paul Revere was commissioned by the Sons of Liberty to craft the Liberty Bowl and engrave it with words and images. Today, the original Liberty Bowl is on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We offer authentic reproductions of the bowl in pewter in a large assortment of sizes from small to large. Each bowl is extra-heavy for its size and available in the bright or satin finish. The bowls also are available in sterling silver.

for a modest charge. Company logos also can be engraved. All of the pewter pieces are also available in sterling silver. Please contact the 125West Concierge for further information.

Please allow about seven days for delivery of Boardman reproduction Paul Revere bowl.