Boardman Pewter Jefferson Cup Cordial Set

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5-PC Pewter Jefferson Cordial Cup Set
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Pewter Jefferson Cup Cordial Set
by Boardman Silversmiths

Set an elegant table without the high cost and maintenance of sterling silver, because pewter from Boardman Silversmiths retains its luster without ever tarnishing. Boardman uses only the finest and the heaviest of lead-free pewter. All pieces are hand polished by craftsmen using imported pumice and then hand buffed to either a flawless bright finish or satin finish. The bright finish is similar in appearance to polished sterling but does not require the same upkeep.

5-PC Pewter Jefferson Cup Cordial Set
Set includes:

  • (4) Jefferson (2oz) Cordial Cups
  • Round Gallery Tray (6" dia.)

Please allow about seven days for delivery of Boardman pewter.