Ankarsum Grain Mill Attachment for Original Kitchen Machine

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Grinds any dry grain or bean.
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Grind your own flour, spices and coffee with the Ankarsum Grain Mill Attachment for the Original Kitchen Machine. This versatile attachment is ideal for grinding wheat, barley, rice and buckwheat and features adjustable settings from coarse to fine for optimum grinds with each use.

Produced in Sweden since 1940, the Ankarsum Original Kitchen Machine is considered by many professional chefs and artisan bakers as the best kitchen appliance on the market. With its ability to perform a variety of kitchen tasks, including grinding meats, straining and pureeing fruits, slicing vegetables, flaking grains for oatmeal and grinding flour and coffee, the Ankarsum is the ideal investment for any gourmet kitchen.

  • Please note: Some accessories require the meat chopper attachment
  • Heavy-duty accessory designed to extend the versatility of the Ankarsum Original Kitchen Machine
  • Made in Sweden