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Sunroom Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Wicker refers to products that are made from reed, cane, rush, willow or other natural materials. When wet, these materials are pliable enough to be woven. Rattan is a vine that grows in the tropical forests of the Far East. Growing hundreds of feet in length, it is one of nature's strongest materials. It will not splinter or break and is ideal for making furniture. Once molded, solid rattan retains its contours permanently. When good quality materials are used and the vines are woven properly, rattan woven furniture should last 100 years or more with normal use. Some wicker antiques of the Victorian period are still in use today. The oldest surviving pieces of wicker furniture date from the Egyptian Empire. These pieces include chests made of reed and papyrus, wig boxes made of reed and rush, and wicker hassocks and chairs. Wicker's durability comes from the properties of the material. A rattan vine, which can be cut into various widths and shapes, is filled with fibers running lengthwise through it, giving the vine the strength of multistrand cable. A vine will bend, but unlike wood, it will not splinter or break.

Yesteryear Wicker Bar Harbor Dinette Set
Bar Harbor Dinette
Price: $2,495.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Bar Harbor Collection Brownwash Finish
Bar Harbor Group
Price: $1,325.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Bar Harbor Group White
Bar Harbour Group
Price: $1,325.00 
Yesteryear Barbados Seating Group
Barbados Group
Price: $925.00 
Caneel Bay Rattan Seating Group
Caneel Bay Group
Price: $1,445.00 
Classic Dinette
Classic Dinette
Price: $2,045.00 
Spice Islands Congo Rattan Seating Group
Congo Group
Price: $1,425.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Country Dinette 5 Piece Set
Country Dinette
Price: $2,395.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Country Seating Group
Country Group
Price: $645.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Gazebo Dinette Set
Gazebo Dinette
Price: $1,895.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Gazebo Group
Gazebo Group
Price: $1,725.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Grand Cayman Outdoor Group
Grand Cayman Group
Price: $745.00 
Yesterday Wicker Islander Group
Islander Group
Price: $1,095.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Kingston Dinette Set
Kingston Dinette
Price: $1,995.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Kingston Reef Group
Kingston Reef Group
Price: $825.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Palm Beach Group
Palm Beach Group
Price: $865.00 
Regatta Seating Group
Regatta Group
Price: $1,095.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Seascape Group
Seascape Group
Price: $795.00 
Spice Islands Rattan Bar Table and Bar Stools
Spice Islands Bar
Price: $285.00 
Spice Islands Dinette Set
Spice Islands Dinette
Price: $1,995.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Spice Islands Group
Spice Islands Group
Price: $1,325.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Spice Islands Storage Units
Spice Islands Storage
Price: $225.00 
Toss Pillow
Toss Pillow
Price: $53.95 
Yesteryear Wicker Victorian Aunt Millie Rocker
Victorian Aunt Millie Rocker
Price: $505.00 
Victorian Rocker Collection Country Rocker
Victorian Country Rocker
Price: $595.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Victorian Loop & Ball Table
Victorian Loop & Ball Table
Price: $165.00 
Yesteryear Wicker Victorian Serpentine Rocker
Victorian Serpentine Rocker
Price: $675.00 
Antique End Table by Yesteryear Wicker
Antique End Table
Price: $275.00